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Health TourismDear Guest, Welcome to Akademik Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Akademik Oral and Dental Health Clinic, which had been established by Dentist Zehra Uğur NALBANTÇI in 2009, has the primary principle of providing our clients with quality service in terms of oral and dental healthcare. In our clinic, we provide our clients with any dental and oral healthcare service ranging from surgical treatments to pediatric dentistry, from mobile and fixed dental prosthesis, to root canal dentistry, from gum diseaes(gingvitis) , to aesthetic dentistry, to dental implants, and to teeth whitening.

In our clinic, which is equipped with the latest technology to provide a warm, confident and sterile environment for our clients, it is our mission to recuperate our guests with a healthy and an aesthetic smile.

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Dental İmplant Zircon Crowns Bleaching
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